We assess: 

  • Geographical location

  • Architectural design

  • Client's personal and family risks

Home Security

We  secure  your home by planning and installing smart, elegant and high-tech security systems.

"4D1R" Principles: Detect, Deny, Delay, Deter & Response

Core Layer (Deny & Respond):

Emergency Communication
Safe Room
Safe Box



Second Layer (Deny & Delay):

Lock & Key
Strong Door

Outer Layer (Detect & Deter):

Intrusion Detection
CCTV Camera
Access Control
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The most secure system for your home,

bar none

Military Grade Pressure Sensing System

Close to Zero False Alarms

Made in Israel

The D-Fence

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

UCS is constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies to add to our portfolio, and with the D-Fence system, we believe we've found it.

D-Fence uses military grade pressure sensors to ensure that no intrusion goes undetected. Weatherproof, durable, and accurate, the

D-Fence system is made to last for years with close to zero false alarms. The differentiating factor between D-Fence and other intrusion detection systems is its capacity to integrate into the surrounding architecture or environment without compromising on security or aesthetics.

Our security specialists are impressed time and time again with the reliability of the D-Fence system.

What We Offer

4 Stages to maximize perimeter security and ensure intruder detection

We compile a comprehensive report that explains in detail the specific risks you may face.

Stage 1: 

Security Risk Assessment

Stage 2:

Planning & Design

We plan and provide a custom-made security design for your home in accordance with the highest specifications.

Stage 3: 

Installation & Penetration Test

We organize installation and penetration test to give our clients full confidence that our designs are secure and foolproof.

Stage 4:


We perform annual and emergency maintenance to ensure full system functionality.


Stage 1: 

Security Risk Assessment

We assess:

  • Geographic location

  • Architectural design

  • Client's personal and family risks


to obtain a tailor-made solution that best suit each & every client

Risk Assessment
Design & Planning

Stage 2: 

Planning & Design

We Provide:

  • Layered design approach

  • Tailor-made designs 

  • A detailed design & planning by security specialists

  • An unbreakable solution


Stage 3: 

Installation &

Penetration Test

We organize:


  • Chartered Engineers

  • Professional PM Team

  • Experienced  & Quality Labour


Penetration Test

  • Security Drill

  • Inspection and Testing of System Installations & Equipment


Stage 4: 


We Perform:

Annual maintenance

  • System precautionary checks

  • Full system checking

  • Software updates


Emergency maintenance

  • 24-hours emergency call support

  • On-site maintenance and repair work

  • Replacement of system



Makes You The Target?

Most burglary cases occur because house owners do not pay much attention to security.

With the current technological advancement, it is surprising that we see a lot of houses that still rely on 30 or 40 years old out-of-date security systems to protect their personal and assets safety.

Conventional security systems perform very poorly in outdoor environments, producing too many false alarms that render the system non-functional – you can imagine the nuisance it brings if the alarm goes off a few times per day or even a few times per hour.

There are TWO major reasons that your house may be a better burglary target than other houses:

Use of Outdated Security Systems

Most security intrusion systems in the market ((“RF”) type detectors (i.e. infrared beam, passive infrared, microwave), sensing cables, CCTV motion detectors, etc.) fail to provide a reliable detection function for outdoor areas.   In many cases, outdoor interference such as small animals, wind, rainfall, humidity, and tree branches will easily trigger what we know as a “false alarm”.  False alarms are the last thing you want to come across in terms of security, your alertness to danger will be desensitized if each alarm turns out to be false, and the nuisance it brings to you and your neighbor can be annoying.

A good intrusion detection system must be able to (1) accurately detect an intrusion, and (2) minimize false alarms.  We can formulate a good response plan (i.e. to trigger alarm sirens and flood lights to warn-off intruders, and transmit to your mobile devices and your alarm center for emergency response).

Lack of Security Planning

Another problem we find in common in burglary cases is that the burglar will spend time and effort to observe targets and exploit the weaknesses of their security systems.  To guard against this, the design and planning of a security system must be done comprehensively by experienced professionals.

Trees and brush may help intruders breach the property
Property may be located in a wealthy, suburban area which is a prime target for thieves
Client may be a powerful individual with many enemies
Unprotected windows may allow intruders to easily trespass

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