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Business Investigation

Help Make Informed Business Decisions


H.M. Miu

Senior Security Consultant

UCS formulates a team of professional investigators, who are former law enforcement officers with extensive experience in detection, forensic investigation and prosecution of crime, to resolve business and personal issues and hence secure client’s business value.

Due Diligence

Verify integrity and reliability of business partners and employees

Surveillance Investigation

Undetected collection of evidence

for investigative or legal purpose


Specialised analysis of intelligence & data to identify potential parties involved

Professional & Individualised Services to Suit Your Investigative Needs

    Due Diligence

At its core, due-diligence is an investigation or audit of necessary materials in order to help client understand the background and the compliance risk of a certain target prior to entering into a business relationship, which in turn ensure that healthy development of business can be delivered candidly and with integrity.

We compile information from reliable databases of official record and open media sources to verify credentials provided by the target, and also build knowledge of previous incidents, if any, regarding commercial disputes, misconduct or liability.

    Surveillance Investigation

Surveillance investigation is the process to track and document a particular target which is reluctant to cooperate or could not be reached directly, using specialized skills and know-how to gather credible and relevant evidence with the objective to protect client’s confidentiality and reputation during the operation.

We collect background information and develop an investigative plan that meets client’s specific situation, followed by discreet and low-profile operations of field investigators to obtain documentation of the subject for any further action.

    Fraud / Employee Embezzlement Investigation

Fraud and embezzlement in the workplace incur financial loss and reputation damage to all types of businesses, occurring in even the best work environments. Any company that believes to have fallen victim to such acts of misconduct should take it seriously by initiating an internal investigation or even reporting to law enforcement.

We combine various investigation tactics and practical experience of law and prosecution procedures to scrutinise fraud allegations, embezzlement claim and other suspicious activities of a business partner, an employee, a vendor, etc.

We combine both desktop and field investigation skills to resolve cases of various complexity


Our strong team of investigators are mostly former law enforcement officers, who are experienced in the investigation of:

  • Commercial crime

  • Cyber crime

  • Serious fraud

  • Other criminal activities


UCS shall be capable to conduct unbiased and thorough commercial and private investigations by employing a wide variety of techniques to cater to each specific request, using client’s feedback as well as our own expertise to maximize the amount of information accessible to client and open up further avenues for deliberation.


We uphold integrity and honesty and all investigations are kept strictly confidential in protection of client's reputation.

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