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VVIP Protection

Protect You and Your Family


H.M. Miu

Senior Security Consultant

UCS performs extensive planning for each protection operation in response to the complex and dynamic security threats under various scenarios, such as at client's residences, during an overseas trip, or at a high-profile event.


Here at UCS, we make our client's safety our top priority.

We Are Much More Than Bodyguards

UCS’s VVIP Protection Service is much more than a mere provision of bodyguards.

With the objective to protect client’s personal safety and privacy, our comprehensive solutions focus primarily on the effective planning and actual management of each protective operation.

UCS's Custom Made VVIP Protection Services

1. Risk Assessment

Risk identification is a KEY factor to ensure the safety of a client. By thoroughly understanding the background of a client, people around him/her, physical environment (home, office, places to go), UCS can analyze and identify the general and/or specific risks that the client is facing in order to determine the most appropriate way to control and manage such identified risks. UCS's Risk Assessment may include the following elements:

  • Identify client's risk tolerance level and security requirements

  • Assess current security team deployment

  • Due diligence on current and potential team members

  • Gather and analyze intelligence

  • Assess and classify potential threats

2. Security Planning and Training

With regards to the Risk Assessment report, UCS can formulate effective plans for different operations, subject to the nature of each event. The operation plans can be executed by UCS’s professional security specialists with law enforcement experience, or by client’s existing security team. We can also provide training on client's bodyguards, drivers and personal assistants.  Such planning may include:

  • Crisis handing

  • Counter attack techniques

  • Venue and vehicle search

  • Operational driving technique

  • Counter surveillance against criminal/paparazzi

Our VVIP Protection Team Members and Trainers is comprised fully of former members of law enforcement agencies in Hong Kong, including:

Former Special Duties Unit (SDU)

Former VIP Protection Unit (G4)

Former Navy Seal Trained Officer

Former Martial Arts Champion

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