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IT Security

Safeguard Your Data Privacy from Cyber Attacks


Joe Tin

Senior Security Consultant

Information Technology (“IT”) security is vital to daily business operations.  In 2018, there were over 9,000 cyberattacks in Hong Kong causing financial losses of HK$2.2 Billion.

UCS’s all-round security services can enhance a corporation’s IT security to prevent cyber intrusion, enhance data protection and ensure secure communications.

UCS has the strong prosecution & investigative background to carry out the following services:

Security Risk Assessment and Audit

Security Risk Assessment and Audit (“SRAA”) is an ongoing process to discover, assess and improve the security level of an IT setup and maintain the defenses of its core infrastructure.

Our SRAA services can help identify risks and vulnerabilities of our client’s business data, covering, but not limited to, areas such as IT governance, network infrastructure, systems and applications.  The services can also determine conformity to security policies and regulatory compliance.

IT Security - Security Risk Assessment and Audit
Incident Management and Investigation

UCS provides comprehensive and top tier Incident Management and Investigation services whenever our clients encounter security incidents such as internal data theft, email spoofing, large scale ransomware infection, monetary loss, leakage of critical business data or loss of productivity.  With over 30 years of experience and expertise in cyber crime investigations we can help identify the responsible parties and causes.


In addition, we provide step-by-step advice on post-incident handling, plus evaluate the adequacy of existing security measures and deliver guidance on how to properly defend against future incidents.

IT Security - Incident Management and Investigation
Computer & Mobile Forensics

UCS has the expertise and professional equipment to perform Computer Forensic Investigation and Data Recovery.  We can also perform data e-discovery and early case assessment from the vast volume of unstructured data such as emails and office documents.

IT Security - Computer & Mobile Forensics
Expert Witness

Our IT security specialists are qualified to act as expert witnesses in court, and have participated in many cases for pre-trial preparation when collecting forensic evidence and providing technical support.

IT Security - Expert Witness
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