Counter Surveillance

We  detect  surveillance devices that may have been installed without authorization.

With over 25 years of top level counter surveillance experience in protecting Principal Officials of the Hong Kong Government and foreign head of state visits, it is clear that UCS has the most qualified team to perform counter surveillance services in Hong Kong.

Types of spyware available in the market:

Listening Device

Optical Device

Tracking Device

Data Surveillance Device

High risk locations for spyware to be found:

Office, Boardroom



In Hong Kong, conducting unauthorized surveillance may not necessarily be unlawful*

(*Surveillance related activity is governed by the Interception of Communications and Surveillance Ordinance (Cap 589), Law of Hong Kong)

UCS conducts professional TSCM operations to detect and remove spyware

TSCM operations is the practice of inspecting physically, and by using electronic detection devices inside premises where electronic surveillance devices (audio and video) may have been installed without the express authority of the owner / user of the premises. 

We conduct TSCM operations for corporations at strategic locations such as the executive office, board room, conference room, living room, bedroom and vehicles where important and sensitive conversations and activities will take place. We will also identify any security risks or acoustic leakage and/or espionage by using electronic surveillance devices and make recommendations to mitigate such risks; and secure clients against further non-sanctioned surveillance activities.

In each operation, the UCS team will conduct both a physical search and a radio frequency scan, using various advanced equipment and tools, and with the experience of our security specialists to ensure a full and comprehensive screening to uncover any transmitting and non-transmitting unauthorized surveillance devices.

TSCM Services is only a snap shot in time to detect and locate any electronic surveillance devices. The continued “cleanliness” of the premises will rely on the implementation of security measures to control access to the premises by unauthorized personnel, and to conduct follow-up TSCM operations at regular intervals.

UCS has assembled a dedicated team of well trained and  experienced security specialists (mostly former law enforcement officers), with an accumulation of over 100 years of experience in TSCM operations.  During their service in the law enforcement agencies, they were responsible for counter surveillance for key members of the Government, as well as the heads of many foreign countries during their visits to Hong Kong.

Our TSCM practice head has a total of 25 years’ experience in technical surveillance counter measures duties; and 7 years in counter terrorist operations while serving the Government.

UCS has dozens of high grade equipment to perform TSCM operations.  They include military grading radio frequency spectrum analyzers, radio frequency signal detectors, electronic detectors, thermal detectors, alternating carrier current receiver, physical search tools etc.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures ("TSCM")

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