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Counter Surveillance

Prevent Privacy Intrusion & Data Leakage


Mr. Ho

Senior Security Consultant

TSCM Services is only a snap shot in time to detect and locate any electronic surveillance devices.


The continued “cleanliness” of the premises will rely on the implementation of security measures to control access to the premises by unauthorized personnel, and to conduct follow-up TSCM operations at regular intervals.

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We perform Technical Surveillance Counter Measures ("TSCM") to detect and prevent surveillance devices that may have been installed without authorization


High Risk Locations:

  • Boardroom, Meeting Room

  • Executive's Office

  • Home, Private Vehicle

Common Spywares:

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UCS's TSCM Service Includes:

  1. Detect unauthorized surveillance devices

  2. Identify privacy & acoustic leakage risks

  3. Recommend mitigating measures

Service Details

Stage 1:  Radio Frequency Detection & Scanning

We use various advanced equipment and tools to perform a full width (0-24GHz) inspection of the electromagnetic spectrum and identify any suspicious signal transmissions, with the experience of our security specialists to ensure a full and comprehensive screening to uncover any transmitting unauthorized surveillance devices. ​


The high grade equipment include military grading radio frequency spectrum analyzers, radio frequency signal detectors, non-linear junction detector, alternating carrier current receiver etc.


Stage 2:  Physical Inspection

We also perform a physical inspection of high-risk electronic devices, electrical switches & sockets and ceiling to identify any non-transmitting unauthorized surveillance devices. ​


We may find it necessary to open up or switch on properties / devices to facilitate the inspection and affix security labels or marks on properties / devices which have been inspected in order to ensure that they would not be easily opened and fitted with unauthorized surveillance equipment.

Stage 3:  Recommendation


After the inspection, we will tailor-made a report that including findings, identified security risks or acoustic leakage and/or espionage by electronic surveillance devices and make recommendations to mitigate such risks. ​


We will suggest the implementation of risk mitigating measures such as access control, door lock and security surveillance, to secure clients against further non-sanctioned surveillance activities.

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of choosing UCS

  • With over 25 years of top level counter surveillance experience in protecting Principal Officials of the Hong Kong Government and foreign head of state visits

  • Every TSCM practice will be carried out by a professional team of 4-5 specialists, with the team head who was a member of the elite Special Duties Unit (SDU)


  • Advanced TSCM equipment with a total value of above $700,000


  • Service is completely transparent and welcome client or his authorized person to supervise the work

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