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2020: Year Review of Hong Kong Burglary Cases

A year review of Hong Kong residential burglary cases

Home burglary has long been a major security concern for house owners in Hong Kong. According to crime statistics, over 6 burglary cases happen each day, with a portion of them falling under the category of home burglary. From time to time there are cases involving significant financial losses, or when a burglary break-in turns into armed robbery or even a kidnapping.

Comparison of Burglary Situation

In January to August of 2019, there were 786 burglary cases. In January to August of 2020, there were 1156 burglary cases. By comparing the same period of 2019 with 2020, it represents a rise of 319 burglary cases.

Residential Cases Situation

The burglary cases of residential premises recorded a rise of 125 cases when compared with the first half of 2019 and 2020. It represents an increase of 25.6% of residential cases.

Distribution of Home Burglary Cases

Most Burgled Districts:

#1 - Southern District

#2 - Kowloon City District

#3 - Sai Kung District

The Largest Monetary Loss

$4,250,000 (2020) – Southern District

$4,000,000 (2020) – Southern District

$3,000,000 (2019) – Kowloon City District

$940,000 (2019) – Kowloon City District

$900,000 (2020) – Kowloon City District

$800,000 (2018) – Yuen Long District

What Makes You The Target?

Not Paying Enough Attention to Security

The house owners do not adopt adequate, or even any security system to protect their personal safety and assets.

Use of Outdated Security Systems

Conventional security systems perform very poorly in outdoor environments, producing too many false alarms that render the system non-functional.

Use of Exploitable Security Systems

The burglar will spend time and effort to observe their targets and exploit the weaknesses of their security systems.

Outdated & Exploitable Security Systems

Barbed wire – poor appearance, easy to bypass, no detection function

Infrared Sensors – extremely high false alarm rate, forcing user to ignore the alarm or even shut down the system.

Electric fence – poor appearance, safety and health hazard, high false alarm rate.

Vibration sensing cable – high false alarm rate, can only be installed on soft fence

UCS’s Unique Security Solution

Step 1: Security Risk Assessment

Detailed assessment on client’s personal risk, surrounding environment & architectural design of the house

Step 2: Planning and Design

Robust and custom-made security design for each and every client

Step 3: Installation and Penetration Test

100% in-house professional team to ensure flawless installation and implementation

Step 4: Maintenance

Leave it to us, we will make your systems function well 24/7

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Military grade pressure sensing system

Close to zero false alarms

Smart system integration

Blends into any designs & environment
















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